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Storm Shelter Fun

Friday, May 8, 2009

I spent my first day back at home hanging out with my sister Megan. The day got off to a rocky start, but it ended well.

I woke up by Megan telling me to get the storm shelter ready because there was a tornado coming. Our dad had been watching the news from work and called to warn us that there was a tornado headed our way. It's a good thing I was home because Megan never would have been able to get to the storm shelter by herself. There were two table saws blocking the door to the shelter. Megan's gotten pretty good at using crutches, but she never would have been able to hop over two saws!

After I moved the saws, I swept out the shelter because it was filled with cobwebs. Once we got in the shelter we amused ourselves by taking pictures. Finally Daddy called us and told us we could get out of the shelter.

After that, I went with Megan to her doctor's appointment. He said that Megan's residual limb is healing well, but my step-mom (who is a nurse) thinks otherwise and wants Megan to get other doctors to look at it. Megan is ready for her leg to heal, so she can get a prosthetic!

After getting some lunch at Panera, we headed over to the mall. Megan sure does get great service when she's in her wheelchair. Megan is mostly using her crutches now, but walking around the mall would have tired her out too much.

Now I'm on my way to Boston to spend some time with Shawn!

4 Responses to “Storm Shelter Fun”

  1. Ok..what a way to wake up! Glad you guys made the most of it though and had fun taking pictures.

  2. Ahh! I can't even imagine having to run to a storm shelter and sit and wait! I've never lived anywhere that is threatened by tornados or hurricanes. Glad you were there with your sister!

    You two look so much alike! Cute pictures!

  3. Hehe great pictures, even if the situation was scary!

    I have a new blog - (This is Caitlin from What She Said).

  4. Having a storm shelter is the best thing you’ll ever have if you’re in a place where hurricanes and tornados frequent. It can also be fun if you’re inside it with your loved ones. Just make sure you have enough food and water supplies while you’re there.
    - Edwina Sybert


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