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Atlanta Trip

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The very next day after the Capitol Day, the interior design students took a field trip to Atlanta. It was an incredible trip!

When we arrived in Atlanta, the first place we went to was the Atlanta Decorative Arts Center.
ADAC has 78 showrooms and is only open to interior design professionals. ADAC is the kind of place that has $1,000/yard fabric. Everything at ADAC is about 1 1/2 years ahead of retail. Anyone want to know what trends will be coming up? Neutrals. No more bright colors. Just neutrals.

I could have spent days at ADAC and still not seen everything. Unfortunately we only had two hours and then it was off the IKEA - the complete opposite of ADAC.

Here I am in my IKEA living room. Don't I fit in so well? It looks like it was made for me.

This is my IKEA kitchen.

The next day we visited two architecture firms.

Here we are listening to a Hirsch Bedner presentation.

Examining TVS's staircase.

Looking at the impressive art collection at TVS.

Next up we headed to the Knoll showroom, known for their modern classics. It was my absolute favorite part of the trip! It's so interesting that Knoll's Barcelona chair is celebrating its 80th anniversary this year. It was modern 80 years ago, and it's still modern today.

The womb chair

"My" Knoll office. Welcome to Rebecca Interiors!

I didn't think the trip could get any better than the Knoll Showroom, but then we went to the High Museum.
We saw the Terracotta Chinese Soldiers exhibit, which was incredible! If anyone has the chance to see this exhibit, I highly recommend it!

After the High Museum, we headed to the bus to drive to LaGrange, home of the Milliken carpet mill.
We were incredibly privileged to stay at the Milliken guest house, where we were treated like royalty. We were given a few minutes to freshen up and then go to dinner. There are just no words to explain the great hospitality we received from Milliken! Dinner was one of those affairs where you didn't know which fork to use. I didn't have any problems with the forks, but I was a little confused about the knives.

The next morning we got up bright and early to tour the plant, and then we headed home. Call me an interior design nerd, but this trip was my number 1 best college experience!

6 Responses to “Atlanta Trip”

  1. You look SO happy in all these pics!!

    Omg you are so not a nerd. I'm all about modern furniture AND design. My mom's an artist so it's kinda in the cards for me. :)

  2. That looks like that was an AWESOME Trip!! TOO FUN!! I am a traditional girl when it comes to home decor but I like modern too! I don't have it in my home but I actually like the mod look! Lots of geometrical shapes and clean lines! I am redoing my master right now. I think the European takes over in me when I decorate. The bed set I would of loved to have bought was over $700 just for the flat sheet alone. LOL! I will keep dreaming and just be inspired by the Luxury. I am trying to figure out a way to hide a Hideous door in our master bedroom without drawing too much attention to it (that is a tough one) and on top of that the room is way super small (base housing) It is coming together but I am a mere amateur so hopefully I won't make too big a mess out of things. Wink!! I will post after pics as soon as I am done!!

  3. Great trip...I really enjoyed the pictures! That guest house looks sooo cute!

  4. barcelona chair! i know that one! i don't really know why. you're fascinated by the chairs, but what caught my attention was the Knoll typeface...mmmMMM, Helvetica! hey, at the carpet mill do they teach CARPENTRY? "haha very funny," right? :c}

  5. I'm loving your blog- lately I've been considering going back to school for design, and it's interesting seeing your experiences! Keep up the good work!

  6. Looking back here for inspiration. I am trying to get a Barcelona chair on Ebay...wish me luck on that!!! I LOVE them!!! Also, on your 2nd pic I have the lamp that you can see in the mirror reflection. (the white paper one!) They are SOOO CUTE! I have two small ones and then the floor ones also! I LOVE IKEA too!! I hope you don't mind that I come here for inspiration!!


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