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Thursday, February 5, 2009

I've talked about my love of organizing on this blog several times. One of my jobs is to organize the interior design materials. I love getting paid to do something I love.

Apparently I also have a certain reputation among the freshmen students. Yesterday I went to my 8:00 class and saw a student who I didn't recognize working in the materials library. I assumed she was a freshman because I don't know many of them. As I was setting up my laptop in the classroom, Freshman Girl walks in and asks, "Are you Rebecca?" I told her yes, and then she quickly says, "I don't want you to get me because I didn't leave all those fabric books out on the table. They were already out when I got here. Anything I take out, I put away. I don't want you to get me because someone else left those books out. I just didn't want you to get me."

Do not worry Freshman Girl, I won't "get you". I wish that I struck fear in the hearts of all the freshman students. Maybe then they would pick up after themselves.

In other news, tomorrow I'm going to Hattiesburg for the ASID career day. I'm entering three projects in the competition. My school is entering something in each category, so hopefully we'll win something!

We have started our next interior project. This semester we're designing an art gallery. Yesterday we visited the art museum to check out their ceiling system and track lighting.

My laptop is temporarily residing at Computer Services. I think it has a dreadful virus. I hope to get my laptop back soon, so I catch up on everyone's blogs.

9 Responses to “Reputation”

  1. A good reputation will all the work for you. I should know.

  2. that's too funny that the young ones are afraid of you :oP

  3. I tagged you in my blog!! Come see! :)

  4. I tagged you in my blog!! Come see! :)

  5. "Get me!?!" What does that even mean, lol! Weird. Freshmen. Sheesh!

  6. Yes...strike fear in those little freshmen! That can work to your advantage :)

    Hope your laptop is better soon! :(

  7. Oh, I remember that great joy of unintentionally freaking out freshmen. Cherish these moments.

  8. Ha! Striking fear in the hearts of freshman interior design students! Now that's a reputation!

  9. This cracked me up! Especially having seen you in pictures, I wouldn't really consider you someone who "gets" other people! But heck yes, I hope those freshman are scared into cleaning up after themselves too. :-p


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