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I'm a winner!

Monday, February 9, 2009

I have some good news and bad. First the bad: my computer is still sick. Computer Services called me today and told me to pick up my computer because they were unable to fix it. They suggested I get a new operating system. Whatever that means. I'll be calling my computer scientist dad tonight. I think he needs to visit me again. Last time he visited, I got a new hard drive. I'm sorry I haven't been doing very well with commenting on blogs. It's hard to do without a computer.

The good news: this weekend was the ASID (American Society for Interior Designers) South Central Career Day. Schools from Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi were there, as well as professionals from those states. I entered three projects into the competition, and I won second place in the residential category for my Studio Apartment/DuBois Residence project! I got $50 for winning!

I shared a hotel room with three other people. One other student and my two professors. I though it might be awkward to spend the weekend hanging out with my professors, but it wasn't at all. This trip probably ranks at the top of the list for Best College Experiences. I know I'm a huge dork for admitting that.

On the drive back we stopped at McDonald's for dinner, and we discussed internships/my future after graduating. My two professors think that I would make a great interior design professor and suggested that I stay at my current school and get an MFA. If I did that I could still be the student worker. It sounds like they really want me to stay. They've both told me that I'm a great student worker. Ms. B (the new professor) told me that our school has the best organized materials library out of all the colleges she's been to. That's so nice to hear!

9 Responses to “I'm a winner!”

  1. sounds like a fun time...minus the broken computer!!

  2. That's so cool Rebecca! Congrats! :)

    I hope your poor computer gets some help soon! I miss reading your design-y posts!

  3. Congrats on your win! That's awesome!

    And best of luck with the sick computer, too. :(

  4. Professor Rebecca! that would be so awesome! didn't we talk about you getting your Ph.D. in interior design once? :cD oh, and congratulations on beating all those other designer kids! :c)

  5. congratulations!!

    I say stay in school - its the best :)

  6. congratulations!!

    I say stay in school - its the best :)

  7. Congrats on the win!

    And weird about staying with your professor. I don't know how cool I would have been. But all of my professors were in their 60s!

  8. I have to ask you, where was your profile picture taken?? I LOVE it, but I can't really tell. Lol! It looks like you're hanging off the side of a train or something, waving goodbye (at least that's what I see in my crazy head.) Haha!

  9. congratulations!

    and sorry to hear about the sicko computer. looks like its time to start shopping... ouch!


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