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Our Story, Part Three

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

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About two days after The Run-In, I got a Facebook message from Shawn that said, "I found you. You would be surprised how hard it was." After that, I stopped ignoring Shawn in class, and we started sending Facebook messages once every day. Eventually it turned into five messages a day. I also found out that the girl sitting next to him on the bench was not his girlfriend. Then we started hanging out: we went bowling, walked around campus, ate lunch together, went to a local restaurant for a late night snack. Finally, he asked me out via Facebook message. Our first official date was dinner and a movie on September 16, 2005.

After our first date, we started spending a lot of time together and went on many more dates. The thing that first drew me to Shawn was his intelligence. Biology/pre-med majors were considered the smartest people on campus. He was also funny and sweet and such a gentleman. He always opened the car door for me and every other door, and he paid for every date. He was also incredibly romantic!

About three weeks after our first date, I was staying up late every night, going to dance practice. There are these social organizations at school that are like sororities, but they aren't called sororities. After rushing, all the new pledges have to put on a ten minute skit/dance. It's a huge competition among all the organizations, and the winning group gets a lot of money. My group had won last year, so the pressure was on to win again. We practiced every single night, usually until after midnight. Shawn knew how hard I was working, and on my Facebook wall one day was this:
"Your eyes are pools of depth
Drawing me and holding me inept
Unable and unwilling
I can't fight the feeling my heart has kept

Your heart perhaps I could capture
An ingenious invitation meant to flatter
Will it work, I’m wondering?
My ill felt reservations do not matter

A picnic under the stars
At the Mid-of-night, the height of romance
In moonlight dining
A perfect time to take a chance

Quad, Be there."

After dance practice, I found him on the quad with roses and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. He had definitely captured my heart.

After my sophomore year, Shawn decided that he didn't want to be a doctor. Instead, he wanted to go into the nuclear power program with the Navy. In May 2007 he went to the Recruit Training Command in Great Lakes, Illinois. Since then, he's been in South Carolina, upstate New York and most recently, Connecticut. The three years we've been dating have certainly been an adventure!

Shawn's been having writer's block with Part Three. He says it doesn't really matter if he writes his version because my readers wouldn't be interested in him. Please let Shawn know that you would love to hear his side of the story (I know I would)!

14 Responses to “Our Story, Part Three”

  1. Shawn, i want to hear your side!! :) This is a really cute blog, i love how ya'll met.

  2. Oh my goodness, that poem was beautiful and so adorably funny! And yes, of course he should post his part three!

  3. What a cute story! Can you imagine what our kids will say one day when we talk about Facebook? It will totally be the 8 track of our generation.

  4. It cracks me up that Shawn asked you out on your first "real" date via Facebook. hehehe

    And yes, we do care about reading his version of your story! Get writing!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Hey you! I justtt started last semester. So I have 36 credits to fulfill including a thesis. Should be a long ride yet!


    Hope you're having a great day. I lovedd reading these. If my husband ever had a "his side" hahahah. I can only imagine what he'd write!

  7. Hey you! I justtt started last semester. So I have 36 credits to fulfill including a thesis. Should be a long ride yet!


    Hope you're having a great day. I lovedd reading these. If my husband ever had a "his side" hahahah. I can only imagine what he'd write!

  8. come on shawn... you know you wanna post it!

  9. Darn is Shawn! I demand a part three post! You can't punk out now! I'll come harass you at pass and badge if you don't. Mwahahaha!

    Rebecca, seriously, pb&j and roses in the quad after THAT poem. Man, you're one lucky, lucky gal!

    I posted the only love letter I got from J a few weeks ago. The one that said "I love u! -Jason"

    I have so much romance in my life it kills me.

  10. That is SOO sweet! I love it :) And shawn we so wanna hear your part!

  11. Very cute! And yes, we'd love to hear his side :)

    I remember a little bit about the chemo, mostly the throwing up, fearing shots, feeling generally pretty crappy etc. But most of it has gone unremembered, which is probably a good thing :)

  12. Aww, it is just so cute, but won't be complete without Shawn's side!

  13. I love reading about the sweet things all the spouses are doing for you all! I am living vicariously through all of you! I have about as much romance in my life as Becca. I thought that midnight picnic idea was soooo cute! And now Shawn has to post his own version!


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