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First week of school in review

Saturday, January 17, 2009

So far my semester is off to a busy start!

-We have a new professor (Mrs. B) at school who has lots of connections with different designers and firms. She told me about an internship possibility back in my hometown. She wants me to send in my information ASAP.

-I've been spending all hours working on my portfolio so I can apply for internships. I went to the UPS store to get everything printed today. It cost $73! Then I went to Target, Wal-Mart, and Office Depot to buy things for my packages: resume paper, CD sleeves, mailing envelopes, etc.

-We're probably going to an ASID event in Hattisburg. There's a student competition portion, and Mrs. B wants me to enter my Studio Apartment project.

-I really like my American Literature class. I have an interesting professor.

-I have a great roommate! Melissa got a new job at an Italian restaurant, and she brought me back some cheesy penne pasta, tiramisu, and dessert ravioli!

-I signed up for Blockbuster's version of Netflix and I received my first three DVD's this week. Two out of the three skipped. Badly. I reported the problem on the website, but if this is what I have to look forward to, I'm probably going to cancel it after this month.

-I still don't want to be in the senior show. The only saving aspect of the senior show is that the interior design coordinator is the sponsor. All the students have to sign up to be in a committee, and I told her that I didn't care what committee I was in, I just wanted to be with my three other interior design friends. She's very understanding of that. I see these people every single day, and I think it will be much easier to plan a senior show if a)I actually like the people I'm working with and b)I see my group often enough to get stuff planned.

-Tomorrow I'm going to bind my portfolios. I'm doing it myself to save money. We have a binding machine in the interior design building, and I seem to be the only person who knows how to use it. I've given several lessons on how to bind.

I'm glad I don't have classes on Monday!

3 Responses to “First week of school in review”

  1. Ok - so having a roommate that works at an Italian restaurant shall be fabulous!!! No more french fry lunches for you. :)

  2. Glad you are liking classes so far! That makes the semester a lot easier!!

  3. Yum! Italian food! Sounds like your semester will be a good one, since you enjoy the classes!


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