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Connecticut Trip Part Two

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Day Five-Wednesday:
I had a lot planned for Wednesday. Unfortunately it snowed that day. I didn't think that a little bit of snow would shut anything down, but I was wrong. I guess northerners don't like snow anymore than southerners do. I was surprised that there were so few people out. We tried to go the aquarium but they were closed. Then the snow got even worse, so we decided to spend the way watching TV, but not before I could get some pictures of the snow.

Thankfully, the restaurant where we had reservations was still going to be open no matter how bad the snow got. Here we are dressed for our New Year's Eve dinner.

We had dinner at Olio's in Groton (Becca recommended it) and this photo is from their website. The food was wonderful!

Day Six-Thursday:
We went back to the Mystic Aquarium, which was open this time. I have been to two aquariums before going to Mystic. I went to one in Monterey, CA and one in Chattanooga, TN. I remember both of those being indoor aquariums. At the Mystic Aquarium, half of it was outside. If I had known that we probably wouldn't have gone. It was FREEZING (it had just snowed the day before) and it was hard to enjoy the aquarium when I couldn't feel my face, hands or feet.

Day Seven-Friday:
We went to the Webb-Deane-Stevens Museum in Wethersfield just outside of Hartford. The Webb house was built before the Revolutionary War and George Washington stayed at this house during the war.

The Deane house was built for a French diplomat around 1770.

The Stevens house was built in 1789 and is set up to portray the life of a middle class family.

After touring those three houses, we headed over to Yale. My original plan was to go on the hour and a half walking tour, but it was COLD! So Shawn and I walked around for about ten minutes and visited the bookstore.

Day Eight-Saturday:
When Becca and I met, she told me about all the fabulous mansion in Newport, RI. Of course I had to check them out. The wealthy New Yorkers spent their summers here at their "cottages". First we visited the Vanderbilt's Marble House. As the name implies the place was covered in marble. The walls, the floor, marble was everywhere! The house was a birthday present from William Vanderbilt to his wife.

The next cottage we toured was The Breakers, which was owned by Cornelius Vanderbilt.

After we toured the mansions, we drove along a scenic highway and watched the sunset. We even hopped out of the car for a few minutes so we could walk along the snow covered beach. The perfect ending to my Connecticut visit!

10 Responses to “Connecticut Trip Part Two”

  1. Awwww your pics are so cute! Tell the beau I like his glasses. :) Bumbee's in dire need of a new pair. (Yes with laser surgery and all). And I've been on his back to get him a pair like that.

    Glad you had a good time! :)

  2. Love the pictures! I'm sorry it was too cold for you to do everything you wanted to do, though.

  3. Love your pics! We had an Olio date night the other night, it was fantastic.

    The door pictures are SO pretty!

    I still haven't gotten to Yale... hopefully soon.

  4. Loved all the pictures! I have never actually been up North before, well I have been to New York but that was in high school with the school so i couldnt go do fun things! Glad you all had a good time!!

  5. It sounds like a fun trip - despite the pesky snow!

    The photos are great, too!

  6. Looks like fun!! Great pictures :)

  7. I love the pictures! Everything is beautiful!

  8. oh my gosh! love your pics, you and your boy make a very cute couple:) i love newport isn't it crazy those houses are huge!!

  9. shawn has some trendy glasses! :C)

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