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Archive for July 2008

work and parties

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Last Friday when I went into work, I asked some of the other employees about their schedules. As I mentioned in my last post, I was only on the schedule for one day of work. I thought that everyone's hours might be getting cut, but that is not the case. Another girl who works in the same department I do, said that she worked 35 hours last week. She's only part time and would prefer to work under 20 hours. Naturally, I was really confused why one part time worker got 35 hours and I only got 5 hours. I did some more asking around and most of the people I talked to were irritated by the schedule. One employee specifically requested off on Sunday, but that ended up being the ONLY day she was put ON the schedule. We recently got a new manager and maybe it's just taking him a little while to familiarize himself with how we do things at the store. It doesn't really affect me that much since I will be going back to school soon.

On Saturday I went to a three year olds birthday party. I have to admit, it was pretty fun. The party was held in a huge warehouse type room that was filled with inflatables that are usually at a carnival. The birthday boy wanted me to slide down some of the inflatables with him and it was a lot of fun! After playing for 30 minutes we went upstairs and had cake.

Not working

Friday, July 25, 2008

Very little has been going on in my life lately. While I was in New York City, I called work to see when I would be on the schedule. Much to my surprise, I was scheduled off for a whole extra week! Then last Thursday, I called to see when I would be on the schedule for this week. They only had me working ONE day! It's nice not to have to go to work, but that also means no money. And I really need some money since interior design is an expensive major.
In a few minutes I will be going to work (my ONE day of work) and I will find out my schedule for next week. Hopefully, I will be working more than one day. Earlier in the summer, the store filed for bankruptcy and maybe that's way they are cutting my hours.
To fill the time, I have been doing some babysitting. Tomorrow I will be going to a three year old boys birthday party, which I am actually excited about. It should be fun; little kids have so much fun at birthday parties. I will be there mostly to watch his little brother, who is 18 months, but I'm sure I'll still be able to eat cake! I love cake!

Changes and Sidewalk Stroll

Thursday, July 17, 2008

As you can see, I've been making some changes to my blog lately. The changes all started with the floral background, which is actually my favorite scrapbook paper that I scanned into the computer. Since I changed the background I had to make other changes as well. I'm not completely happy with the size of the title picture. I'll have to do something about that. But I really like the picture. It's one of my favorites that I took at the sidewalk stroll today. Every third Thursday in the summer, artists set up booths in the downtown area. My friend Samara introduced me to the sidewalk stroll (she also helped me with my blog changes) and we went today to check out the local art and a singer/guitarist friend who was playing there. Here are some pictures that I took. Since the sidewalk stroll is located in the downtown area, I couldn't resist taking pictures of some of the beautiful architecture, as you can see from my new title picture.

New York City

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ground zero. Very moving to see in person.

Trinty Church

Madison Square Garden and a great shot of taxis. Riding a taxi was a very exciting experience for me. They went so fast! It was almost like a roller coaster ride.

St. Paul's-the oldest public building in New York.

Walking across Brooklyn Bridge.

Going underneath the Brooklyn Bridge on our boat ride. I'm so glad we went on a Circle Line boat ride. It was a great way to see all the highlights of the city in just two hours.

Bryant Park behind the library.

New York Public Library, I loved this building!

The inside of the library. It certainly doesn't look like a library does it?

The view from the top of the Empire State building. We went all the way to the top, 102 floors!

Empire State Building

fish market in Chinatown.

Ellis Island. Every since reading a book about Ellis Island when I was 8, I have wanted to visit it. After we had been in the building about an hour, we were evacuated! I couldn't believe it, I had finally made it to Ellis Island only to be evacuated before I got to see it all! Thankfully, we got to go back inside a few minutes later. I think someone had pulled the fire alarm.

I absolutely loved New York. There was something about it that seemed magical. Even though we were only here for two days we tried to make the most of it. Hopefully we will get to go back soon. I didn't get to see Grand Central Station or Central Park. And of course, there are tons of art museums I want to visit.

Guess where I went...

Monday, July 14, 2008

I'll give you a hint. I'm listening to the Wicked soundtrack...

Because I just saw it on Broadway!

This last weekend, Shawn and I went to New York City. He had four days off and since we were actually in the same state (I was in Rochester, NY for my family reunion) we thought we would spend a few days together in NYC!

We stayed at the Hilton in Newark, NJ and took the train into the city. I had never been before and I have now fallen in love with New York. There is something magical about that place!

We were only there for two days, so we tried to make the most of our time. On the first day we went on a two hours boat ride and saw all the major sites. Then we walked around mid Manhattan and saw the New York public libary and went to the very top (102 floors) of the Empire State building. In the evening we saw Wicked, which was AMAZING!! On the second day, we went to see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. Afterwards, we walked to Trinity Church and the site of the World Trade Center. Then we walked over to a park and then across the Brooklyn Bridge. Next we walked over to Chinatown and Little Italy.
It was a great trip! Pictures to come.