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Archive for June 2008

Days like these

Saturday, June 28, 2008

...make me want to go to back to school. Just ignore my last post :)
My feet feel like they are going to fall off.
Well, actually, I can't feel my feet.
I have been working for 9 1/2 hours on my feet walking back and forth from the dressing room to my section of the clothing store. I work in the juniors section, which is the busiest section in the store. I'm just glad I don't have to work at a register: standing still for 9 1/2 hours and doing the exact same thing for hours and hours would be awful! At least in the juniors section I stay busy with customers, straightening, and returning things from the dressing rooms.
Speaking of customers, I had a weird one today. A woman asked me to help her find some "scratch" (I still have no idea what that means) denim capris for her daughter, who was with her. The mother specifically wanted to buy her daughter (who was about 11 years old) some capris from the juniors department because women's sizes were "too big". So I walked both of them over to juniors capris, and showed them what we had. The biggest size we carry is a 13 and the mother informed me that "is way too small." So I walk over to the juniors plus capris. Then the mother got irritated because she thought they were women's sizes (juniors sizes are odd, and juniors plus are even sizes, just like women's). I didn't want to embarrass the young daughter by saying that we were in the junior's plus sizes, but I felt that I had no choice. I pointed out some smaller sizes and the daughter picked a few and off they went to the dressing room. About 30 minutes later, I run into the mother again, and she wanted me to tell her where I found the capris her daughter liked. I start to walk over to the juniors plus sizes with the mother, and then she sees some women's capris that she thinks her daughter will like (so much for women's sizes being too big) so we stop for a few minutes while I give some suggestions. I guess that by then the mother felt comfortable around me, because for the next ten minutes the mother kept telling me that her daughter "is just too fat." Maybe it's just me, but it seems highly inappropriate for a mother to say that about her daughter to a complete stranger!
The day was pretty uneventful after that. It just went on and on and never seemed to end!

So glad it's summer

Friday, June 27, 2008

I came across this picture the other day:

That was the remains of my model for my restaurant project. In this post I talked about what happened with my model. Such bad memories! The picture shows my cracked concrete floor that was going to be the base of my model...until it shattered into many, many pieces. It looked so great until it broke. It was my first interior model and I can only hope that my next project will go much smoother and I won't have to stay up until 3, 4, or 5 a.m. week after week. All I can say is, I am SO glad it's summer!

Family Reunion

Monday, June 23, 2008

My family reunion is coming up on the July 4th weekend. We'll be seeing my mom's side of the family. We can trace our family tree back to Ireland, and we have a very large family! My great-great grandfather, Patrick, arrived from Ireland and settled in Grand Island, NY. His son, also named Patrick, my great-grandfather, married Agnes, my great-grandmother, and they had eleven children (we call them the "original 11") and the youngest is my grandfather, Paul.
This is the wedding picture of Patrick and Agnes my great-grandparents. They're the couple in the middle.

Here is a picture of the original 11 children and their mother in 1950 after their father's death. The person on the far right is my grandfather, Paul.

Every four years on July 4th weekend, the remaining original 11 children and their families gather on Grand Island for our family reunion. I'm very excited about the reunion not only because I will be able to see lots of family, but also because my boyfriend Shawn will be joining us! We're going to start off the festivities with a picnic and later in the afternoon there will be family photos and children's activites. I will be helping out with the children's activites by doing some face painting. I also volunteered Shawn to help out with the water balloon toss (I'm not very good at tying water balloons). On Sunday we will be having mass at the old family church. Several years ago a new church was built on the same property, but we prefer the older one because my great grandparents' names are in the stained glass. I think they helped contribute to the cost of the stained glass and that's how their names got included.

After mass, we will be having a family history tour where all of the ancestors are buried outside the church, followed by brunch at my cousin's house. It should be a very fun weekend!

After the reunion we will be spending some time in Rochester, NY visiting family and my sister Stephanie will be visiting some colleges.

New job

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

When I got back home from Saratoga Springs, I started searching for a job. Well...actually, not quite WHEN I got back home but a week later. Hey, I need time to rest and recuperate. That was probably a mistake.
Anyway, I really wanted to have some real work experience with a designer. I didn't think that this would be too difficult since I have done some organizing for a designer and with our samples at school. So, I spruced up my resume and called about thirty designers that were in the phone book. It did not go well. I actually think someone thought I wanted to BE an interior designer at their design firm. Um, no. I told her that I was a student SEVERAL times and eventually she told me to bring a resume by that the owner could "keep on file" until after I graduate. Some phone calls went better than that and it seemed like one place in particular was interested. But whenever I called the designer she was busy, "with a client" or "talking to a rep." Eventually I just gave up.
I filled out a few other applications at retail stores but no one wanted to hire for just the summer. I had waited too long for those jobs. So I figured that I would just spend the rest of the summer baby sitting.
Until I got a call from a clothing store. They wanted me to come in for an interview. I told myself not to get excited because they probably wouldn't hire me once they found out I only wanted a summer job. I had my interview at ten this morning and then around 11:30 they called and offered me a job! It isn't necessarily what I wanted to do for the summer, but it's a job! At least I have one now.

Albany Trip II

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Our second day trip to Albany was all about architecture. We saw several mansions and the first Shaker community in the United States. We ended the day with dinner at PF Chang's. My favorite restaurant! I thought that Shawn might be tired of eating at PF Chang's; we've been to several of them in many different cities. But Shawn is actually the one who suggested that we eat there. He must love me if he's willing to eat at my favorite restaurant in pretty much every city we visit :) The mansion pictured is the Ten Broeck Mansion, home of the oldest wine cellar in the US!

Historic Cherry Hill

The Shaker meeting house. The meeting house is basically a huge room. It didn't have much furniture or pews or chairs because the Shakers did a lot of dancing in their services. The name "Shakers" is derived from the violent shaking that they did during the services.

This was taken at the Shaker community. I think the building used to be a workshop for the Shakers. I saw the green door and I just had to take a picture!

The farmhouse at the Shaker community.

At the farmhouse, I saw baby turkeys for the first time. They're hard to see in this photo, but I thought they were adorable. So tiny and round!

I love how you can see the storm coming towards us.

Me in front of the green door. Green door, green shirt, and a green necklace. Very fitting since I love green!

Pictures from my trip

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

When Shawn picked me up at the airport he surprised me with these beautiful pink roses!

This picture is taken at Congress Park where several springs are located.

Saratoga Springs is also known for their horse racing. There were horses everywhere that were all decorated differently. So cute!

Broadway Street. There are lots of cool boutiques, art galleries, and cafes.

These next pictures were taken during one of our day trips to Albany. We went to Albany for the tulip festival and ending up walking around a lot and we discovered the coolest places! This picture was taken while we were waiting for the shuttle to the tulip festival. We had to wait for about 30 minutes for the shuttle to show up and there were so many other people waiting that we didn't fit on that shuttle so we decided to walk. However, we had no idea where we were going, so we just followed other people who looked like locals. Anyway, back to the picture. I took this picture because it looked like a huge cereal bowl in the middle of downtown Albany. Turns out that it is actually The Egg, the center for performing arts, but it looked like a cereal bowl to me. Once we walked closer to it, it looked more egg-like.

Here we are at the tulip festival.

Beautiful tulips!

I wanted to do more exploring after we went to the tulip festival and we ended up here. Behind The Egg there is some sort of modern art sculpture garden and a pond. Although, I don't think it's called a pond if it's man made, so I don't really know what to call the water feature.

Around the corner from the sculpture garden, was some sort of park with wood structures and this thing that I'm standing in front of. We weren't sure if the wooden structures were for children or if it was just a continuation of the sculpture garden.

Here's the wooden sculpture. What do you think, is this for children or just a sculpture?

When we were trying to find parking for the tulip festival, I saw this beautiful building! Unfortunately, we were in the car and I didn't have time to get my camera out of purse, so I forced Shawn to help me find this building so I could take a picture. Have I mentioned that we did A LOT of walking! Thankfully, the building was close to The Egg and it was easy to find. Afterwards, I did some research and found out that this is the State Capital Building and was built in both Romanesque and Renaissance architecture styles.

Look at the intricate carvings! I love this building!
That's probably more pictures than you wanted to see, so I'll post more later. I didn't realize that I had taken so many pictures!

End of school + Saratoga

Monday, June 2, 2008

It's been a while since my last post. Let me get caught up. I finished school at the beginning of May. It was VERY stressful! It was the longest I've gone without sleep, and my model was a disaster. I made a concrete floor for my model using plaster of paris, which looked amazing, but when I picked up my model, the floor broke and fell right off! My plan B was using drywall compound, which didn't look as well as the plaster of paris, but seemed to work...Until I tried to add my walls and tables. Wherever I touched the floor, parts peeled off! Plan C (it was about 4am the morning it was due at this point) was the cover up the floor completely with fake grass. It looked pretty awful in the end, but at least I finished!
I finished school on Tuesday morning, and my mom and sister came to Mississippi to pack up my things for me. They were so sweet. My mom felt sorry for me and said that I had so much going on that I didn't need to worry about packing because they would do it for me. Then, on Wednesday at 5 am I went to the airport and flew to Albany, NY, the closest airport to Shawn.
I really enjoyed my trip! I spent a great deal of time sleeping, since I had gotten so little sleep while working on my project. It was great seeing Shawn; I hadn't seen him since Christmas. We went on several dates, walked around downtown Saratoga Springs, and went to the park and saw some of the springs for which Saratoga Springs is known for. We also took a day trip to Albany and toured a few mansions and visited the first Shaker community in the United States.
While I was there, Shawn moved into his house. The house has six bedrooms, four bathrooms and two living rooms. Shawn has four roommates, but he was the first to move in, which meant that we got to do all the cleaning. The previous renters left a lot of their things behind and I don't think they cleaned at all while they lived there, so while Shawn was unpacking, I dusted, vacuumed, mopped, and washed all the windows. It was a long day, but it looked so great after I was done!
I'll post some pictures soon.