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Archive for April 2008

One More Week

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Just one more week and I will be here.

In Saratoga Springs, NY and I will be able to see my wonderful boyfriend, who lives close to the area. And I will done with school!

Just one more week. I think I can make it.

Crazy plotter and restaurant design

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tomorrow I'm presenting my kitchen and bathroom project that I have in AutoCAD. Since I'm presenting tomorrow, I figured that I should plot out my drawings. I thought that it would only take about 30 minutes. Boy, was I wrong!
I took me over an hour! First, the plotter wouldn't plot, then I realized that my text was too small and I had to re-plot at a larger scale (that happened numerous times), then was some reason when I tried to plot out my kitchen floor plan all my layers plotted even though they were TURNED OFF (for those of you that don't know: everything is drawn in layers in AutoCAD. They can be turned on and off. So if I want to plot my floor plan without my furniture on it, I just turn the furniture layer off). I tried turning layers off and on, but STILL the crazy plotter wanted to plot layers that were definately turned off. Eventually I just restarted the computer. And then the last drawing I tried to plot, just wouldn't finish plotting. I printed about half of my drawing and then stopped. That's when I just gave up.

Then I went back to the interior design building and tried to work on my restaurant design. I've really been having a hard time with this project. I just stare at the exterior walls of my restaurant, trying, trying to come up with ideas.

It's not going well. But the project is due in two weeks, and I knew that I needed to just do something when my teacher asked me, "How are you going to get everything done?" That's when I forced myself to get to work and just started putting walls up wherever. I think it looks pretty awful, but it has to get finished. I'm excited about the color scheme though: I want lime green, purple, stainless steel and dark woods.

Speaking of that restaurant, I'm over at the interior design building because I was trying to work on that project. I thought that getting away from the distractions of my room would help, but I had to bring my computer with me, which is definately a distraction!

I have a lot of things left to do:
add bar/lounge area to my floor plan
electrical/lighting plan
2 elevations
2 perspectives
finalizing my materials
making my materials boards
picking out my furniture
creating my notebook

I definately need to get back to work!

Finally! Something I know I'm good at!

Monday, April 21, 2008

When I was at work on Thursday, Shelley, the ASID student chapter president, called me and told me about a designer who needed their materials rooms organized. I thought that this sounded like a great opportunity to make money and add something to my resume. So on Saturday I went to their office, along with Sarh, another student who used to work for the designers.
I have never seen anything that looked so horrible! When I talked in, I thought they had three materials rooms and two offices, but one the designers kept refering to "Joe's office" and I couldn't figure out where this office was. Then I realized that the office she was talking about was one of the rooms that I thought was a materials room. There was so much stuff (fabric, bags filled with who knows what, tile samples, etc) in that office that I didn't even see a desk in the room. So I looked in the room again, and I could faintly make out the shape of a desk, computer, printer and chair. But I had to look really closely. I don't understand how people can live like that, or get anything done!

Sarah and I worked on the room with the hanging fabrics. When we arrived, you couldn't even see the floor. Fabric covered every surface. When we left, we had 6 large boxes of discontinued fabrics (which they don't want to throw away, for some reason) and about 6 boxes of new fabrics. Maybe if they threw anything away there would be room for the new fabrics, but right now it's just sitting in the boxes. I thought about sneaking the discontinued fabric in trash bags and throwing it out the window, but Sarah didn't think that it would be a good idea. There was even a box of fabric that had water damage, but the designers didn't want to throw that stuff away either. Crazy people!

The pictures I posted, show our work in progress. Don't worry, those aren't the after pictures.

Am I good at this at all??

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Lately I've been dealing with confidence issues. Did I pick the right major? Why did I even pick Interior Design? Why didn't I choose Graphic Design? After all, I'm fascinated with advertising.... Oh yeah, because I didn't want to end up sitting in front of a computer all day.
But that's what I've been doing lately for Interior Design. Hours and hours. And hours sitting at my computer working on AutoCAD.
I guess most students go through this soul searching after the first Interior Design studio class. That's when most students drop out or change majors. Maybe I just reached this point a little late. It's more than a little too late. I'm stuck in this major, and I'm not ever sure I'm good at Interior Design!
Yesterday before our Lobby presentation, another girl showed me one of her elevations. She said she went "a little overboard." OMG! A little overboard! She spent over an hour just drawing a piece of art work (that was about 1/2" x 1/2") on one of her walls. I didn't draw ANY art work on my elevation walls and here she spent an hour just drawing one teeny, tiny piece! And I thought I was a perfectionist.
Situations like that are why I question myself. Especially today. We recently had a student competition, and today all the projects were shown, and the winners were announced. I received Honorable Mention for my Wind and Water Spa in the Commercial Category. I entered a project in each category, and I admit, I thought I would place higher. I'm not trying to be a poor loser, but it made me realize how talented this group is and how untalented I feel. I would never spend an hour drawing a detailed piece of art work on a tiny elevation or spend 18 hours on one rendering when I have three others to do as well. Maybe I'm not enough of a perfectionist to be an Interior Design major.

Feeling Overwhelmed

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I have been so swamped with projects lately. I have way too much to do! We have five AutoCAD projects and a huge project for our Interior Design class. We're designing a restaurant.
I am officially done with one of the five projects due in AutoCAD. We remodeled a lobby for one of the girls dormitories. We had our presentations today, which I felt really good about. I thought that my drawings looked great and I had nice detail... then I gave my presentation and my teacher had several comments. "You forgot to show a reflection on your didn't show any depth on your shelves..." I feel like I work so hard on these projects but it doesn't matter unless it's perfect. Ugh!
I'm finished with my kitchen and bathroom projects; I just have to print them out. Here's a project I'm really proud of: our final project. It's a group project. We're designing a house and I'm in charge of the kitchen and electrical plan. Sorry they're blurry. It's the best I could do.