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Shawn's version

Monday, December 8, 2008

During a recent phone conversation, I told Shawn that I was writing our story on my blog. He seemed interested in what I wrote, so he actually stopped my blog to read the post. Shawn knows about my blog, but he doesn't ever read it. After reading the post, he said that he liked it, except for the part where I was wrong. This evening, I received an email from him with his version of our story.

Here is Shawn's version of Our Story, Part One.

Ever been the biggest man on campus? Me either. But junior year 2005 was pretty sweet because I met Rebecca that year. She was and still is smart, beautiful, funny, and short. She was also sitting at my table in Hampstead’s. Hampstead’s was a campus restaurant capable of fulfilling a desire for a chicken sandwich, as well as other things less deserving of attention.

Early campus life at school is a fun time. Most people arrive early to either take care of last minute affairs or meet up with classmates not seen since the summer break began. Being a social individual, I found myself again making the calls and hook ups, but on this day luck had conspired, as it often does, against me…. well for me actually.

My plans to eat with a couple of friends fell through as they were miles off campus by the time my hunger hit. Not much of a problem for me because Hampstead’s was open and the beginning of a new year means a renewal of the meal points.

Chicken sandwich, a drink and a seat. Three things needed, two attained. Now for the seat, which was currently occupied by two female students I didn’t recognize. The college is small so that meant they were freshman.

“I don’t eat alone and you look interesting enough.” I said. “Mind if I sit with y'all?”

Nods meant sure so I sat. We began talking about the topics of all freshman students: what’s your major? where are you from? and do you drive fast. The last one was my question. Several hours passed since the two girls were fairly interesting. The roommate was a talkative brunette ready to respond while Rebecca was a quiet redhead who required more effort to bring out her opinions. She didn’t even divulge her lack of a driver’s license when I asked about the need for speed.

Rebecca was very nice and extremely pretty. I could definitely stand to learn more about her at this point, but I knew I would see her again. I saw everyone again at school. I just didn’t expect it would be so soon.

8 Responses to “Shawn's version”

  1. I wouldn't say that your versions are all that different.
    Shawn needs to start his own blog. He has a writing style that is interesting to read.

  2. I smiled all the way through this post! This is SO cute, I think you should do this for all the parts of your story...your version and his version. I agree, Shawn's writing style is really cool. He seems like a funny guy.

    Part two of the story coming soon?

  3. A double-version of al "episodes" in this story would definitely be a interesting read! Very cool that Shawn was inspired to write the first part out from his own perspective.

    Can't wait to see where you met next!

  4. Oh so cute. *R* has his own version of how we met too.

    I just love when a S/O pops onto the blog for a comment or guest post.

    Encourage more writing!

  5. I love that he wrote his own version!! How cute is that?!?

  6. I love the trail off! How cute you could get him to write his side!

  7. I'm catching up on all of my blog reading. I LOVED reading your story from both of your perspectives! Can't wait to read more!

    I think you're right about my cake disasters being my oven's fault. You know what? I think I just need to replace my oven. I think I'll get a Wolfe... or a Viking. That would work too. Haha. I wish. :o)

  8. I agree with Cynthia -- Shawn has great writing style.. But he should NOT say you are "wrong". You both have different perspectives.
    (Slight, I might add..)


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