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Shawn's version, part two

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

“Soon” followed after a two week vacation caused by hurricane Katrina. Luckily Clinton, MS is far enough north not to have any major problems. Katrina did bring a gas shortage, however. What else is there to do then but take a road trip? After some sweet dancing in the rain, I traveled north to Mississippi State’s campus for a week. When I got back it was again time for class.

The first day of psychology I entered class and sought out a seat. I immediately noticed Rebecca sitting in the front row. I took the seat next to her mostly because the class was filled AND PARTLY BECAUSE SITTING NEXT TO THE PRETTY GIRL IS COOL.
The first day of class brings significantly less attention to academics than it does sleep deprived, blood shot eyes. Intro to psych brought less out of me. I spent most of it looking at Rebecca, both to ensure she was the same girl I met before and as the cool kids would say to ‘check her out’.

The freshman classes were always filled with two types of people: freshmen, of course, and Biology majors, so I caught up with a couple of the guys after class. Rebecca passed by like a freshman on a mission, a mission to ignore me.
For the next few weeks, I saw Rebecca in class and sometimes out on the Quad, a large open park-like area. I never had a reason to stop her, or chase her down from a distance, and say something like “Hi, I am that guy from class.”, because I was not ‘that guy’ from class. Later, Rebecca would tell me one reason she agreed to date me was because I spent time to learn about her before asking her out, so this was a good thing.

One day, I was sitting on the Quad with a friend as people often do. Restricted to the walkway, Whitney and Rebecca were walking alongside the bench I was sitting on. Whitney made eye contact… Blood in the water!

“Can you believe these girls?” I said to my friend, “I see them walkin’ around campus and they ignore me. Everyone knows you can’t ignore me.”
Rebecca made some excuse and Whitney just laughed. My friend rolled her eyes. She was familiar with my hype. In reality, I had not felt ignored and wasn’t even bothered by the prospect of them not recognizing me.
“What are you doing with the camera?” I asked.
“Taking pictures for Facebook” they replied.
Ah yes, Facebook, the newest campus craze. Coincidently, I had just gotten it myself at the begging of everyone I knew and ten people I didn’t. I broke down after I had no remaining friends without Facebook.
"I'll look you up." I said.
I did look her up and sent a friend request. Normal people would have just used being in the same class as a way in the door, but I used Facebook.

4 Responses to “Shawn's version, part two”

  1. These two different versions are really sweet! It's great to compare his version and yours.

    I had one girlfriend who wrote 'the story of how we met' and I was astonished (after going out for so long) that she still held a grudge for not trying to kiss her when she expected me too!

    I wonder what my wife would think about each other's versions of how we met?

  2. what a cool story! I would love for you to add me, and I would love to add you!!

  3. Neat story! I liked hearing his version. It sounds like love to me... :)


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