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Our Story, part two

Monday, December 15, 2008

If you haven't done so already, I suggest reading Our Story, Part One (my version) and Shawn's version.

A couple days after I met Shawn, Hurricane Katrina hit. And life got a little crazy. Eventually students were able to come back to school, and classes resumed. My first class on Tuesdays and Thursday was Intro to Psychology. I arrived early to class because I'm just one of those people. After the professor had already started lecturing, out of the corner of my eye I saw a male student sit in the desk next to mine. I felt his eyes staring at me a couple times during class. When he wasn't looking at me, I was staring at him, trying to figure out why this guy was staring at me.
"Do I know him?" I asked myself. After staring at him off and on throughout the class, I realized that I did recognize him. The guy sitting next to me was Shawn, who I had met a couple weeks earlier.

After class was over, Shawn was talking in the hallway with some upperclassmen. I was a lowly freshman, and they looked very tall (I'm only 5 feet tall) and intimidating. I pretended that I didn't see him and walked right past Shawn without saying anything to him. For the next few weeks, I kept pretending to ignore him whenever I saw him in class.

Around this time, my roommate and I discovered Facebook, and we each set up accounts. Neither of us had profile pictures for our new accounts, so we decided to walk around campus looking for some great picture taking spots. As we were coming around a curve in the sidewalk, I saw HIM sitting on a bench, talking to some girl.

Internal dialogue: "Uh-oh, I bet that's his girlfriend. I should just pretend to ignore him. That's been working well for me so far. We're getting closer! OMG! I'm going to walk RIGHT BY HIM! Can you really ignore someone, if you walk right in front of them. That's probably rude. Oh look, guys playing football. I'll pretend to focus on those guys and walk really fast."

I almost made it past Shawn and friend girl (or was it girlfriend?) but then Shawn spoke to me. And I just couldn't ignore him if he was talking to me.

Shawn: "Hey! Why do you keep ignoring me? Don't you remember me?"
Rebecca: "Uh...I didn't see you there. I was watching the football players."
Shawn: " what are you doing out here?" He points to my camera and asks, "Are you taking pictures?"
Rebecca: I gesture towards my roommate and say, "Yeah, we just joined Facebook and we're taking our profile pictures."
Shawn: "You just got Facebook? I'll have to look you up."

7 Responses to “Our Story, part two”

  1. Cute! I love how he called you out for ignoring him! Ha!

  2. Lol, funny! I love your story, can't wait til part 3! Will Shawn do a part 2 too?

    Every time I drive through the gates onto base, I think, "I wonder if THIS is Shawn." Lol, I mean that in the most non-creepy stalker way possible, of course. ;)

    I totally love the stained glass photo. I didn't vote because I was undecided, there were too many good choices. I respectfully abstained.

  3. Oh, and check my blog, and shoot me an email on what you want on your banner :)

  4. Ha! I would have died if I got called out like that! That sounds like something I would have done though, ignoring him!

  5. Ahhh yes it all goes back to Facebook. haha :)

    Kudos to the internet!!

  6. I love hearing how people met their significant other!

    My husband and I met around the same time - fall of 2005. We were both in the military at the time.


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