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Goodbye 2008

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I'm still in Connecticut having a great time with Shawn! We're about to go out for New Year's. I'll have tons of pictures to post when I get back home. In the meantime, I thought I would reflect on the last year:

  • Last Christmas/New Year's Shawn and I went to Nashville.

  • I started this blog in January.

  • In February, Shawn and I had our first Valentine's apart from each other. We gave each other webcams.

  • Also in Febrary, my grandfather passed away.

  • I had my second semester of commercial design classes. My model broke the night before my restaurant project was due, but I survived. I even got an A on the project.

  • In May, Shawn finished Power School in Charleston, and he moved to Ballston Spa, NY. I visited him the day after the Spring 2008 semester ended, and helped him move into his house.

  • In July, Shawn went to Grand Island, NY and met my mom's side of the family during our family reunion. We went to Niagara Falls that weekend.

  • The weekend after that, we went to New York City together. It was amazing.

  • In August I started my senior year of college!

  • In September, Shawn and I celebrated our third anniversary.

  • In October Shawn moved to Connecticut.

  • In December, I finished the semester and got ALL A's!!

  • Christmas break has been great: I've gone to Atlanta, Nashville and now I'm in Connecticut with Shawn!

  • Happy New Year!

    10 Responses to “Goodbye 2008”

    1. Glad you're having fun in CT! Try not to freeze to death up here in New England!

    2. Wow!! Busy girl!!

      Happy new year!!!

    3. Happy New Year! Hope you're home safely! Did you get to Newport despite the awful weather? Ugh.

      Had a great time hangin' out with you! :)

    4. I'm so glad youre having fun w/ Shawn!

      Happy New Year!!

    5. happy new year to you! Glad you're having such a fun time :)

    6. Of course I don't mind, I love readers! :) I look forward to reading yours and seeing how 2009 turns out; here's hoping for the best in the new year!

    7. What a year!! I'm glad you enjoyed NYC. And congrats on pulling all A's!!! That's awesome woman!

    8. have a wonderful 09! you and shawn both!

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