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Too distracting

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

On Monday, I showed my professor my perspective and elevation for my studio apartment project. I was afraid that the view of Paris from the windows might be a bit much. Or that she would say that it was distracting.

But she loved it! I haven't worked much with rendering in Photoshop until this project. My professor had encouraged me to use Photoshop for last year's restaurant project, but I told her that Photoshop scared me. I can now say that I have gotten over my Photoshop fears! And to top it off, my professor told me that I was doing great with Photoshop! She really like my glowing chandelier and table lamp, and she wanted ME to show HER how to make lights glow in Photoshop. I taught myself how to do it by watching a video, so I emailed her the video.

Sometimes I get nervous about adding details to my projects because I'm afraid my professors will say that it's "too distracting." Last year, I took a class where we learned about National Kitchen and Bath Association rules. The first kitchen I designed had to include elevations of every wall so that the pretend client could visualize the space. Did you catch that part: so THE CLIENT could visualize the space.

My favorite part of design is drawing elevations. I love them! And I like to add a few details. Here are two of the elevations for my first kitchen project. These are elevations of the two islands in the kitchen. The first one is the secondary sink and second dishwasher and the next elevation is the French cooktop and hood.

Notice the details: the Kitchen Aid mixer, the jars on the counter. I think adding details like these help the client visualize themselves in the space. What did my professor say? "It's too distracting. You would never show mixers or jars in construction drawings."

Excuse me?? What? Construction drawings? Those elevations were supposed to be for the client!

And that's how I got my first "C". By adding details that were distracting. So what do you think about my kitchen? Is it too much? Or do you like the details?

7 Responses to “Too distracting”

  1. Of course you can add me!

    I think your elevations are great! I love my KitchenAid and would be so sad if I paid a bunch to have my kitchen redone and there wasn't a *perfect* spot for it on the counter!

  2. This is all way over my head but from what I understand, it all looks great! Congrats on getting your prof's approval!

  3. i too am afraid of photoshop. We should start a support group.

    And I thought your details were lovely, but then again, I'm a detail type of gal. And I too love my kitchen aid mixer.

    Thank you for your very sweet comments. They were much appreciated.

  4. i like your appliances as well :) I've been reading your new found love for photoshop and as i've mentioned, i'm a photoshop idiot. Is there any way you would be willing to help me with a little project i'm doing? I'm trying to make a photo collage and i can't figure it out to save my life. I'm sure it's just something simple i have to click but i have no idea where to start. Thanks, lady!

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  6. I like seeing a few appropriate items on the counters. It looks more inviting.

  7. Hey!! Thanks for checking out the blog. Feel free to add me! :)

    PS You're def talented. Keep up the all the creative work.


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