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Getting caught up

Sunday, October 26, 2008

On Wednesday after turning in our project, we were supposed to start our next project right away. Thankfully, my professor decided to give us the weekend off. I'm so glad she did because I've gotten a lot accomplished!

I managed to read all 234 items in my Google Reader. I had a lot to catch up on.

I started writing my Spanish paper about Baroque architecture in Spain. I wrote the outline (it has to be written in Spanish) and it was six pages. I turned it in on Thursday, and I discovered that all the other students only wrote one page. I guess I missed that memo.

Our final in Photography class is showing a power point of all our best photos. I started working on my layout, and I've picked out my best photos from each photo session.

I sent an email to the clients of our last project, thanking them for giving us an opportunity to have a real client project. I received a great response back:
"[My wife and I] were very impressed with your presentation yesterday. You are very articulate and came across as very professional. I do believe you will have a wonderful career in Interior Design. Thanks for the good work you are doing, for your contributions to the wonderful newsletters I've been receiving, and to the ID program overall."

My dad visited me this weekend, and I enjoyed hanging out with him. And I especially loved that my dad put in a new hardrive and more memory in my computer. He just happened to have an extra hardrive at his house and brought it when he visited me. I don't know how other people survive without having computer scientist fathers.

I completed my evaluation about my partner for my recent project. The evaluation makes up 15% of our grade. One of the questions asked what grade we would give our partner. I definitely didn't give her a good grade. Hopefully when giving my partner a grade, the professor will take into consideration that she went to Arkansas right before the project was due.

4 Responses to “Getting caught up”

  1. I didn't know you were studying Spanish too, very cool. I got a minor in Spanish while doing my undergrad degree.

    The email from your client is awesome! In the long run, I think that means even more than the grade your teacher gives you. I'm not sure how designers do resumes/porfolios, but this project sounds like it should be part of whatever you will use to apply for jobs after school is done.

    My father-daughter relationship goes the other way -- I'm the computer scientist, and I visit my dad to provide tech support. :-p

    Glad you had the weekend off, hope it leads to a great week. :)

  2. What a great response the client gave you! Sounds like you really impressed them.

  3. HA! My dad is a computer scientist and its like having my own help desk.... 24/7! I love it. I think you and I (and other comp. scientist daughters) are spoiled... spoiled I tell you. My husband is mildly computer savy but yet I still turn to my dad.

    Congrats on the feedback from your client. It must mean a lot that he took the time to let you know what a great path your on.

  4. Woo for Spanish! I speak fluent Spanish so I've written many a paper for those classes. My Spanish teacher from HS told me that someday I'd learn the new Spanish verb, "Bullshitear" haha!

    Yeah loans are frightening. I recommend staying in school. Is interior design school as expensive?


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