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Fall Break To Do's

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fall Break is right around the corner, and I'm very excited to get a break from school. I don't think it will be much of a break though, since I'll be spending the majority of the break working on school projects.

Here's my to do list:

  • Before leaving Mississippi, eat lunch with Ashley. I'm excited about this because I haven't seen her in a while.

  • Do more research on Baroque architecture in Spain for Spanish paper. Since it has to be written entirely in Spanish, find a Spanish architecture dictionary, if such a thing exists.

  • Write outline for paper. Spanish architecture dictionary would be helpful to have at this point since my Spanish/English dictionary doesn't contain works like broken pediment, vaulted ceiling, or doric capital.

  • Put together THE BOOK for my real client project. It contains specifications for every single thing that goes in the house. From the furniture to the wall coverings to the hardware on the cabinets.

  • Render my two elevations in Photoshop.

  • Try not to get angry at Photoshop. Photoshop can't help that it isn't as cool as AutoCAD.

  • Write my business plan for the business I will never have. We're supposed to create a pretend business. It doesn't matter that I will never, ever have a business. My professor says that you never know what the future will hold. But I do know that owning a business is not in my future. I know this because I barely passed accounting. If I ever owned my own business, I would lose all my money.

  • Do fun stuff with my mom: Go see Nights in Rodanthe, and go on a historic home tour, and whatever else she planned.

  • Visit my sister at her college.

  • Eat yummy home cooked food.

  • 4 Responses to “Fall Break To Do's”

    1. spanish architecture dictionary? that's hilarious. :c)

      omg, rebecca! your business absolutely HAS TO BE DaMoon Corporation! especially if you're not doing it in real life. :c)

    2. i always envied schools that got a fall break back in undergrad. usc never had one and i always felt a little ripped off by that. haha.

      sounds like you have a lot planned and will be busy! have fun with your family!

    3. I would have loved a fall break! Except I probably wouldn't have gone home because it would have made me miss a football game, and tailgating is half the fun of going to school! At least for my school!

      Your classes sound so much more interesting that my old boring marketing and management classes. Note to self: If I ever go back to school, make it a cool degree.

    4. Yay for fall break! I wish we had those in the real world! Cypress has stayed quiet--I asked the guy (who complained) and he said that he hadn't heard her at all at night. We're still not "out of the woods," though, since they could still say no. Stressful! Good luck with all your work!


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