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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Gustav has left us with lots of rain. And tornadoes. Two days ago I was awoken by someone shouting down my hall, "There's a tornado, everyone head down to the basement. Come on girls, this is serious. Come on girls, wake up!" The shouting was quickly followed by a pounding on my door and a repeat of the message.

That same afternoon I went to my photography class. About an hour into the class (and an hour into a super long Ansel Adams documentary) the professor received a campus alert text message saying that their was a tornado in our area, and we should take cover immediately. My professor told us their was no need to panic or to take cover, since we were already in the basement. So while every other class got to head down to the basement and miss the rest of the class time, my photography class was forced to endure the rest of the Ansel Adams documentary. Although, watching a movie is always better than listening to the teacher lecture, but this documentary gave me a migraine.

5 Responses to “Tornadoes”

  1. Woooo! I love scary weather. It always makes my heart beat a little faster!!

    Maybe I got that from my dad?

  2. Haha! That's funny about your photography class. I absolutely hate tornadoes, so I will be extremely glad when all of the bad weather clears out. Glad you haven't gotten blown away! :)

  3. We missed out on the tornadoes from Gustav, sorry you had to deal with them though! What a scary time.

    Didn't like the Ansel Adams documentary? I love him! I'm hoping this was because it was super boring. :)

  4. Thank you Rebecca for the Birthday Wishes. We had a good day and now we are really stuffed. Yankee Candle has my favorite candle scent back for the season and my mom bought it for me. I'm going to lite it as soon as I'm done in the computer room. But there wasn't a Lane Bryant store at this mall so no new pants for me this time.

    Your new hair color looks good. I would have called you a Strawberry Blonde before. I love hair color. I really need a new job on my hair too.

    Anyways ..... Good luck w/ all the bad weather. My sister lives in Southern Florida 8 miles from the Gulf Coast so they've been getting the bad weather as well.

    Bye for now! Angela

  5. I also love scary weather, growing up in MN, tornadoes are pretty common, but I've never been harmed by them in any way either which has a lot to do with it I'm sure!

    Thank you for your comment, and don't worry, it isn't wierd at all!


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