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Tips for Shoppers

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Maybe this post should be called "Tips on what NOT to do when you're shopping."

1. This is my biggest pet peeve: When you go to the dressing room to try on clothes, please do NOT leave your clothes on the floor in the dressing room. Usually there is a bar located by the entrance to the dressing room where customers can place the clothes they don't want. There is no reason why clothes are left ON THE FLOOR in the dressing room. This drives me crazy! You are not five years old; you shouldn't leave your clothes scattered on the floor.

2. Please do not ask me if more clothes, shoes, etc are "in the back." No, there aren't any clothes in the back. A clothing store has to make money to stay in business, and in order to make money that store has to sell clothes. We can't leave clothes in the back if we want to sell them. So as soon as the truck arrives, the boxes are unloaded and we try to get all the merchandise out on the floor as soon as possible. Before I worked in a clothing store, I always wondered why clothes would be placed high on a wall where no one can reach them. Typically, new clothes are placed on the wall because there is no where else for them to go, and EVERYTHING must be out on the floor. Nothing is kept in the back, unless it is still in its box.

3. Many times I am approached by a customer who holds up a shirt and asks, "How much does this cost?" Unfortunately, I do not know what anything costs. I know that sounds crazy, right? I work there, I should know what everything costs. That is just not the case. Prices change EVERY WEEK, sometimes twice a week. It is just not possible for me to keep up with always changing prices. So the best thing to do, is to take your merchandise to a cashier and ask them to scan your item to see how much it costs.

4. After trying on clothes, some customers want to put their clothes back where they found them. This works fine if you only have two or three items. But most people try on five or six things at a time. Then they try to put their clothes back where they found them, but they just can't remember where everything goes. In their frustration they drump everything on one rack. I don't know why people do this either. Like I said in #1, there is usually a bar right by the entrance to the dressing room. I check this bar every 15 minutes and put my clothes back. But if the clothes belonging in my section are just dumped on some random rack, it takes me longer to find them and put them where they belong. This can be very frustrating to a customer who wants a dress in a certain size that we don't have. Unbeknownst to the customer, we DO have her size, but it was dumped on a random rack. So please, please put your clothes on the rack outside of the dressing room. It makes things easier for the customer AND the employee.

I think that's enough ranting for now. In three weeks I will back at school and away from clothing stores! Unless I want to shop, of course :)

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