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The cookie for those who persevere

Friday, August 15, 2008

...Or as I like to call them The Cookie From Hell!

You might be asking yourself what could be so awful about these chocolatey and delectable cookies?

First of all, I love to bake. I bake A LOT! I bake so much that my mom ordered me to stop baking because I was making my family fat. So I stopped baking... for about a week. Then my sister Stephanie was flipping through my chocolate cook book, and said that she wanted me to make something good for a change. Apparently my Amish sugar cookies, three layer cakes, chocolate upside down cake, and brownies aren't very appetizing. Stephanie requested that I make Viennese Chocolate Fingers from my cook book. It seemed easy enough.

At the bottom corner of each recipe in my book, it has a difficulty level. The difficulty listed for Viennese Chocolate Fingers is "moderate." What it fails to mention is that this recipe takes FOREVER to make! And if you make this cookie before work, thinking you will have enough time to take a shower and get ready, then you are mistaken. I started making this cookie at 1:50 and I was finally finished at 3:45.

This cookie is all about the presentation. You may notice an interesting piping technique in this cookie. That's why it took me so long to make these! I used my cake decorating star tip, and squeezed and squeezed my pastry bag, until my fingers were cramped. And then I refilled the bag and did it all over again and again and again.

I sure hope Stephanie like these cookies because I am never making them again! They taste pretty good though.

5 Responses to “The cookie for those who persevere”

  1. Those look amazing! You can come bake for me anytime! :)

  2. Hi! In response to the comment you left me, I feel like I'm not myself without my boyfriend here as well. I feel like I have to walk a fine line between being "that girl" that feels like she isn't whole without her other half with her (even though, honestly, I feel like this and think there really isn't anything wrong about it) and being independent and creating forward progress as my own being. When you are so close to someone though, particularly your significant other, I think it only makes sense to feel like something is missing when they are not physically beside you.

    It's good to stay busy and I also feel like we don't grow on our own when they are gone, we still grow together and I think that is the thought that motivates me. My boyfriend and I both read a lot while he is gone and it's fun to get to learn from each other... it's like doing double the reading when I get to hear about what he's read on top of what I have!

  3. They look delicious! I don't think I'd complain about you baking too much, you're more than welcome to bake for me! :)

  4. They were very good, as is everything you make. Just when I was wishing for something homemsde, Stephanie made a cake! from your chocolate cook book.


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