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Can you tell?

Saturday, August 30, 2008

I am no longer a hair dying virgin. Today, my friend Cara dyed my hair (the first time it had even been dyed). I was so nervous! I really like my hair, but I'm tired of people telling me that I have blonde hair. It is red. It has always been red! After the latest "You have blonde hair" incident I started thinking about dying my hair more red and less blonde.

This morning I ran errands with Cara, and we stopped at Walgreens because she was going to dye her hair. I told her that I was considering coloring my hair, but I was incredibly nervous about it. She picked out Colorsilk Light Auburn for me, and then we headed to her house.

After Cara colored my hair, she forbid me from looking in the mirror because she thought I would freak out. I started panicing when she told me that, but I refrained from looking in the mirror until after I finished blow drying it. I turned off the hair dryer and walked over to the mirror, and I couldn't even tell! It looks exactly the same! Cara told me that she could tell, especially in natural light.

What do you think?
The before:

The after:

And here's both of us showing off our newly colored hair (please ignore my deer in the headlights look):

In other news: I've heard rumors that school might close due to Gustav. I'm not sure I believe the rumors. I'm signed up for ecampus alerts, so if the school does close I'll have a text message sent to my phone to notify me. Most students have already left campus. I'm not sure if that's due to Gustav, Labor Day weekend, or both.

10 Responses to “Can you tell?”

  1. I say it's always better, especially the first time, for it to turn out a little more subtle than something really drastic. Several months ago I went in to turn my auburn shade into a warm brown and by the time I walked out of the salon my hair was basically black. I was horrified! haha. They attempted to lighten it up a little but there wasn't too much they could do, so luckily it faded pretty fast to a more brownish/auburn type of color. I haven't dyed it since, though. haha.

    I hope Gustav doesn't end up effecting you or having to make you evacuate. As a California girl I don't know much about hurricanes but I am really hoping the forecasts for it are wrong and it doesn't effect you nor anyone in it's predicted path.

  2. Your hair looks great both ways. Does it just lighten up over the summer, leading to the "blonde" comments?

    Stay safe with that storm coming!

  3. I can tell a difference when I'm looking at both pictures. It's slightly darker in the second one. But I don't know if I would notice it if I didn't have the other picture to compare it to. It looks good though!

  4. I can't tell too much but I bet you can tell in the sun.

    Its so pretty!!! You're both beautiful girls.

    Stay safe!

  5. I'll refrain from going out on a limb, and just say I like your hair both ways! :)

    Is your friend from MN? She looks really familiar!

    Hope you're doing fine through Gustav.

  6. Ok, this totally happened to me! I have auburn hair, but I wanted it to have a little stronger red to it. I dyed it a couple of times, and I could kind of tell a difference, but not enough to keep it up. Now I have some subtle "roots" showing, and it stresses me out. I'll just be two-toned (kind of) till it grows out. I have ALWAYS considered you a redhead!! :o)

  7. The new 'do looks great! It looks a little darker to me in the second pic--very pretty!

    Just wanted to stop by and say hi, and thanks for checking out my blog! Hope you enjoyed your visit!

  8. I can tell a difference and I think it looks good! I've always wanted to add some red highlights to my hair but always chicken out. :)

    You have beautiful hair though!

  9. I think it looks great, and I am to chicken to dye my hair. It's been blonde my whole life. You are brave.


  10. I'm surprised you didn't include calling me in this blog. You were very nervous. And you made me nervous by your announcement, "I have something to tell you." That sounded so serious.


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