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There's no M in cow

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Yesterday was my last day to babysit Abigail, Justin, and Jeremy. Justin, who is three, is obsessed with cows and the letter "M". He has managed to learn all the letters in the alphabet and can read simple words. When I arrived at their house, he wanted me to read his favorite animal book. When we got on the cow page (his favorite page, of course) he pointed to the cow and said, "C-O-W. No! M! I want cow to have 'M'!"
Me: "Cow isn't spelled with an 'M'."
Justin: "I want an 'M'!"
Me: "There's no 'M' in cow. But the word 'farm' has an 'M'."
Justin: "Write my name. Does my name have 'M'?"
Me (writing "Mr. Justin" on a piece of paper): "Look! There's an 'M' in your name!"
Justin (smiling): " 'M'!"

I'll miss them when I'm an school. I thought Abigial was going to cry when I left. "I don't want you to go to school, Miss Rebecca!!"

In one month I'll get to see them again. They will be driving to Louisiana and since they will be driving right by my school, they're going to stop by and have lunch with me. I think that made Abigail feel a little better.

In the morning, I'll be leaving to go back to school. Since Mississippi is supposed to be getting a lot of rain from Fay, I'm hoping that most people will be moving in on Monday. Hopefully there won't be too much traffic on campus, and maybe I'll be able to grab a parking spot right by my dorm while I unload!

2 Responses to “There's no M in cow”

  1. Hope moving in went well and school starts off great for you!

  2. I hope moving goes well for you. I always hated moving in even though I was so excited to be back at school.


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