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Anniversary trip?

Saturday, August 9, 2008

In September, Shawn and I will be celebrating our three year anniversary. I REALLY want to visit him and actually be together for our anniversary. Last year, there wasn't much celebrating because I was really mad at him at the time for joining the Navy. He had recently started A school, and we hadn't seen each other in four months. He finally got some leave at the end of October and we saw each other for the first time since he had joined the Navy.

We've come a long way since our last anniversary, and I'd really like us to spend it together. A few days before our actual anniversary Shawn gets four days off, and I thought that would be a perfect opportunity for me to visit him and celebrate our three years together. When I brought this up with Shawn, he said "You'd spend all that money just to come for a weekend?" Ummm, YES!

Before Shawn moved to upstate New York in May, he lived in South Carolina. We had made plans for me to visit him during my spring break, but a plane ticket from Jackson to South Carolina was ridiculously expensive. I never got to see him in South Carolina and I regret it. There were lots of things I wanted to see in South Carolina and I probably won't have the opportunity again. Once Shawn leaves New York, I doubt he will be going back so I don't want to miss out on visiting him and seeing new places.

The plane ticket price isn't even that bad. But he's right. It is pretty expensive, and I know I'll need money for school projects and Photoshop and whatever else they make us buy. And if I did decide to go, I'd have to find someone to take me to the airport. I know of several people who could drop me off at the airport, but I have no idea what people's class schedules are like yet. And if I flew in the evening, I'd have to worry about the time interfering with work schedules.

I have quite the argument going on in my head! I should probably spend more time thinking about this.

One Response to “Anniversary trip?”

  1. I think you should go! It sounds like it would mean a lot for yall to be together for your anniversary.


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