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Pictures from my trip

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

When Shawn picked me up at the airport he surprised me with these beautiful pink roses!

This picture is taken at Congress Park where several springs are located.

Saratoga Springs is also known for their horse racing. There were horses everywhere that were all decorated differently. So cute!

Broadway Street. There are lots of cool boutiques, art galleries, and cafes.

These next pictures were taken during one of our day trips to Albany. We went to Albany for the tulip festival and ending up walking around a lot and we discovered the coolest places! This picture was taken while we were waiting for the shuttle to the tulip festival. We had to wait for about 30 minutes for the shuttle to show up and there were so many other people waiting that we didn't fit on that shuttle so we decided to walk. However, we had no idea where we were going, so we just followed other people who looked like locals. Anyway, back to the picture. I took this picture because it looked like a huge cereal bowl in the middle of downtown Albany. Turns out that it is actually The Egg, the center for performing arts, but it looked like a cereal bowl to me. Once we walked closer to it, it looked more egg-like.

Here we are at the tulip festival.

Beautiful tulips!

I wanted to do more exploring after we went to the tulip festival and we ended up here. Behind The Egg there is some sort of modern art sculpture garden and a pond. Although, I don't think it's called a pond if it's man made, so I don't really know what to call the water feature.

Around the corner from the sculpture garden, was some sort of park with wood structures and this thing that I'm standing in front of. We weren't sure if the wooden structures were for children or if it was just a continuation of the sculpture garden.

Here's the wooden sculpture. What do you think, is this for children or just a sculpture?

When we were trying to find parking for the tulip festival, I saw this beautiful building! Unfortunately, we were in the car and I didn't have time to get my camera out of purse, so I forced Shawn to help me find this building so I could take a picture. Have I mentioned that we did A LOT of walking! Thankfully, the building was close to The Egg and it was easy to find. Afterwards, I did some research and found out that this is the State Capital Building and was built in both Romanesque and Renaissance architecture styles.

Look at the intricate carvings! I love this building!
That's probably more pictures than you wanted to see, so I'll post more later. I didn't realize that I had taken so many pictures!

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