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New job

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

When I got back home from Saratoga Springs, I started searching for a job. Well...actually, not quite WHEN I got back home but a week later. Hey, I need time to rest and recuperate. That was probably a mistake.
Anyway, I really wanted to have some real work experience with a designer. I didn't think that this would be too difficult since I have done some organizing for a designer and with our samples at school. So, I spruced up my resume and called about thirty designers that were in the phone book. It did not go well. I actually think someone thought I wanted to BE an interior designer at their design firm. Um, no. I told her that I was a student SEVERAL times and eventually she told me to bring a resume by that the owner could "keep on file" until after I graduate. Some phone calls went better than that and it seemed like one place in particular was interested. But whenever I called the designer she was busy, "with a client" or "talking to a rep." Eventually I just gave up.
I filled out a few other applications at retail stores but no one wanted to hire for just the summer. I had waited too long for those jobs. So I figured that I would just spend the rest of the summer baby sitting.
Until I got a call from a clothing store. They wanted me to come in for an interview. I told myself not to get excited because they probably wouldn't hire me once they found out I only wanted a summer job. I had my interview at ten this morning and then around 11:30 they called and offered me a job! It isn't necessarily what I wanted to do for the summer, but it's a job! At least I have one now.

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