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Family Reunion

Monday, June 23, 2008

My family reunion is coming up on the July 4th weekend. We'll be seeing my mom's side of the family. We can trace our family tree back to Ireland, and we have a very large family! My great-great grandfather, Patrick, arrived from Ireland and settled in Grand Island, NY. His son, also named Patrick, my great-grandfather, married Agnes, my great-grandmother, and they had eleven children (we call them the "original 11") and the youngest is my grandfather, Paul.
This is the wedding picture of Patrick and Agnes my great-grandparents. They're the couple in the middle.

Here is a picture of the original 11 children and their mother in 1950 after their father's death. The person on the far right is my grandfather, Paul.

Every four years on July 4th weekend, the remaining original 11 children and their families gather on Grand Island for our family reunion. I'm very excited about the reunion not only because I will be able to see lots of family, but also because my boyfriend Shawn will be joining us! We're going to start off the festivities with a picnic and later in the afternoon there will be family photos and children's activites. I will be helping out with the children's activites by doing some face painting. I also volunteered Shawn to help out with the water balloon toss (I'm not very good at tying water balloons). On Sunday we will be having mass at the old family church. Several years ago a new church was built on the same property, but we prefer the older one because my great grandparents' names are in the stained glass. I think they helped contribute to the cost of the stained glass and that's how their names got included.

After mass, we will be having a family history tour where all of the ancestors are buried outside the church, followed by brunch at my cousin's house. It should be a very fun weekend!

After the reunion we will be spending some time in Rochester, NY visiting family and my sister Stephanie will be visiting some colleges.

One Response to “Family Reunion”

  1. That sounds awesome!!! You'll have a great time :o)


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